Recovery Room 7
Family Support Group Online Sign Up
Has Begun

Family Support is
a FREE Outreach

Christian Support Groups Now Forming Online to Help Families Cope with Loved Ones who are
Overcome by Addiction

Group Participation is FREE as an Outreach of Recovery Room 7.
Join one of our groups... tell your story... share... pray... mentor others...
support each other... find hope!
Together, and with the Lord,
you will find a way to heal and help your loved one, yourself and your family.
You don't have to be on this road alone! God meant for us to work together!

Questions to ask yourself about your role with your addicted loved one

Are you feeling hopeless & frustrated?
Do you feel clueless as to what to do next?
Do you understand the boundaries of enabling?
Are guilt & shame stopping you from taking proper action?
Have you felt like you can't share what you're going through with others?
Are you tired of watching recovery fail time and time again?
Has support been unfulfilling?
Are you afraid of doing something that might hurt your loved one?
Do you feel that your faith is buried under your worry about your loved one?
Are you wondering if there is any real 'way out' that lasts a lifetime?

Please Contact Us Below to Sign Up for Group Support.
Upon receiving your info, we will contact you within 24 hours.

(406) 552-0377
email: [email protected]

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